Friday, September 12, 2008

Our protection

Most of you know that I'm normally very afraid of storms - tornadoes to be specific. I have to KNOW that I am in a safe place or I won't feel comfortable.

So, in the thought of making sure we know exactly where we are going to be and how well fortified it is, I made the rounds this morning.

This is the side view of the portion of the building where the City of Galveston rescue workers, news crews and hotel staff, etc will weather the worst parts of the storm. The parking lot is a little above the seawall, but you can see what a big mound of dirt and fortifications protect the foundations from the surge.

The front area has those concrete fortifications from old fort Crocket.

Even from this angle you can see how high this barricade is - we will be behind this in the conference center.

In the Girl Scout tradition of being prepared, I have also made sure I know the exact route from our room to this location and I know that I can get from our room to there even if the power has failed.

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Bill Crider said...

When I was a kid, we were in a tourist court (that's what they were called then) in Galveston a little west of Fort Crockett. The concrete cabin we were in was down in a bowl behind the seawall. It was high up on stilts. The car was parked under it, and there was a lot of room between the car top and the cabin floor. While we were there, a tropical storm came along. My grandmother insisted on leaving. She was afraid the car would be under water if we stayed. It was quite an experience for a little kid.