Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday morning

I've got a lot to blog about later today . . .

I got out at sunrise . . . but it took the sun awhile to rise above the distant clouds.

The wind was blowing parallel to the seawall and the waves were still hitting right up to the seawall, sometimes splashing over.

Henry had almost not gone with me, but I told him I wanted him with me. While on the seawall, I kept telling him to watch my back. When my eye is in the viewfinder, I am oblivious to where the big waves are crashing behind me. i wanted him to let me know if one of the big splash lines was headed my way so I could at least brace and get the camera out of the splash zone. At this point it would have soaked me, but it would not have washed me out to sea.

A news cameraman came over and starting filming us and then interviewed us. To look my best, I need to get up, wash my hair blow it dry, style it and spray it. When I get up for a dawn shoot, I don't do that. So my thin, fine straight hair doesn't look its best. Add to that the wind is blowing - so I expect I look like some wild haired lady. I had taken a cap, but it kept blowing off. I asked Henry later if I answered his questions coherently and intelligently . . . who knows - I just hope I don't come off looking like an idiot.

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Hannah said...

Hello Mary Ann!

Carrie has safely arrived and told me of your and Henry's Galveston adventure. Love your beautiful photgraphs. Have sent your link to my whole family thought they would enjoy. You are prepared. . .it is the Girl Scout leader in you coming to the fore.