Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Galveston's Gaido's Seafood

I am glad to say that Gaido's Seafood Restaurant and Casey's Restaurants fared pretty well during Hurricane Ike. While Gaido's Seaside Inn had significant roof damage, the restaurants escaped with only minor damage. Even the giant crab clung tightly to its perch.

Gaido's was able to host a shrimp boil for the emergency responders last week. Their goal: " to boost morale one plate at a time." From firefighters, policemen, electricians, soldiers from the National Guard and city officials, they all enjoyed music, spicy shrimp, potatoes, and corn-a blessed respite from the hard work of cleaning up and caring for Galveston. I hear that they even served with all their white tablecloths!

We first learned about Gaido's from one of Debra's riding teachers. It has become one of our "must" restaurants when we go to Galveston. I love the menu that gives you automatic multiple course menus with your choice of fish or shrimp. We have salad, gumbo, fish (of our choice of type and preparation) with crab meat sauce, and chocolate mouse. They even have two portion size choices!

Gaido's first opened in 1911 at Murdoch's Bathhouse. Still family owned, the recipes are family recipes. Today, beautiful tables with white tablecloths set formally give you great views of the gulf while you dine.

Casey's Seafood Cafe boasts a 50 year history. Less formal, but still great food.

Casey's is already back open with a limited menu. Gaido's reports that it will reopen on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I thought Casey's blew away. I am glad they are back. I will visit them next week.


Anonymous said...

I have went to gaido's many time with family, my fondest memories with my grandparents was a gaido's. I AM SO HAPPY THAT GAIDO'S IS STILL THERE!
Thanks for the blog.

Jackie and Andy said...

I was also very excited to see that Gaido's was saved. I worked there on and off through college and had my wedding party rehearsal dinner there as well. I still can't believe the crab didn't find it's way back to the ocean! The Gaido's were excellent employers and good people...I am glad to see them get a little good luck.