Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Neither Henry or I have gone to bed. I'm ready the stories of the people on the Bolivar Penninsula. Henry is trying to post his pictures - I think so that maybe some people who have evacuated can get a better idea what happened in their part of town.

The hurricane came in quicker than expected - and Bolivar is devastated. People who were planning to evacuate waited too long. The people in small towns in Texas tend to be really close to each other. When an entire community loses their homes - it amplifies the grief.

Being insulated from the news, I had not heard the stories. I'm just now reading them. Most people in Galveston don't have a way to find out what has happened much beyond their own block or neighborhood.

Henry and I were truly in a "safe" place. But so many others weathered a night of terror from the high winds, the rising waters, and the force of the storm surge.

But we have heard the stories of rescues made during the storm.

I so hope the death count does not rise over the course of the next few days.

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