Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike - disconnection between what I saw and the reports

As I read the news reports and hear what the officials are saying - some things are not making sense to me.

It concerns me that the City of Galveston has decided that only 2 people can talk with reporters - and they are not saying much. Is there something they don't want people to know?

And communication in Galveston is horrible right now. Cell phones don't work - no TV - no local Galveston station - so all the news is about Houston not Galveston - no internet either.

Yes, water is a huge issue . . . They are already distributing drinking water and ice along with meals ready to eat. But you do need have to have water for flushing and bathing - sanitation. Small water bottles don't go far to fill a toilet.

So my question: Why are they wanting most of the people to leave the island now? Is it water issues or is it the mosquitoes? Is it that the water treatment plants were badly damaged (I think that is possible given their location and where the damage was greatest on the island.)

The cool front has provided a respite from typical September heat - which has been a blessing since no one has electricity. But when it heats up again (which will happen) then lack of electricity and water issues also magnify.

Although I saw some people out swimming in the waves - there seems to be issues with contamination even in the ocean.

I can really understand why many people would want to stay - get the carpet pads out - start drying out and recovering their belongings. Tear out the wet damaged sheetrock to minimize mold. Clean out the refrigerators and leave them open so they don't get ruined. People want to get on with their lives.

But if there are valid reasons people still need to leave the island . . . the officials had better be candid and open. People are more willing to cooperate if they understand why something is necessary.

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