Monday, September 01, 2008

Interesting Morning - Hurricanes and Dove Hunting

I woke up early and started my day checking on Hurricane Gustav. I think you can see visibly the power of prayer - Gustav did not progress to a Category 4, it looks to be coming in southwest of New Orleans which may very well spare the city. I know that storm conditions will get worse during the next couple of hours, but after listening to the weather reporters, things were better than expected.

We're sleeping in the RV for a few days because our water bed mattress has finally had one too many leaks - so I enjoyed the sunrise from my RV front window. The cloud banks have a curve to them - after checking the images from the TV, yes we are seeing some of the moisture clouds from the hurricane. No wind, but definitely fingers of clouds from moisture that the hurricane is pulling in.

In looking at the pond, I can't help but hope we do get some good rain. The pond is low, not unusual for this time of year. It would be nice to get enough rain (over several days . . . ) to raise the level three or four feet.

Today is the first day of dove season. As I sat out with the dogs, I could hear the shots all around me. Sigh . . . I've been feeding a lot of doves this summer. I even had an obvious juvenile white winged dove at the feeder in the last few days. I came in when I heard the shot gun pellets hitting my metal roof . . .

Another blessing . . . the morning air was cool. Fall is coming!

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