Monday, June 12, 2006

On the road again!

Well - we did it - we got off this afternoon.

If someone were watching us - it would be a comedic site - here am I lugging out all this stuff . . . . . papers to file, boxes with files in them, camera gear (TONS of camera gear), clothing, towels, shoes (I must be insane - I brought most of my shoes - but couldn't find my newest pair) , computer equipment, photography DVD's . . . . did I say the kitchen sink - no . . . we already have one of those in the RV! I must have told Henry three or four times - well I've got it all - then to remember something else I wanted to bring.

And then . . . . there are the instructions for whoever is house sitting - this time Jonathan and Debra . . . . I haven't emailed them . . . yet.

But, I did get my last swim, hot tub, swim again, before showering and getting on the road. And one of the nice things . . . once we actually drive off, and get on the highway - I can relax. If I forgot something truly major - I can either buy it . . . or get the kids to ship it. We're off on a new adventure . . . . and I am ready for it.

California - here we come!

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