Monday, June 12, 2006

Getting off!

Today is the day we need to leave on our California trip. My sister in law is going with us. I told her yesterday that getting off on a trip with the Meltons is a little chaotic. Needing that rest time has left me with many things that need to be done before we can pull out of the driveway. Some of them I will take with me, but that requires making sure I have everything. Today will be a rush around day. I have to call the air conditioner repair people because (of course it would happen right now) the air conditioner is creating a pond in my hallway. My son in law has agreed to be on hand if they can't get out today - thank goodness his job is flexible! I'm leaving a couple of other tasks for them regarding their horse. I did most of the laundry yesterday (including those extra towels used to soak up water in the hallway).

The nice thing about getting off on a trip - I usually get the adrenalin and motivation to get some things done that have been put off because other events had priority. If we truly get off today, I will need to let some of those "urgent" things wait till we get home next month.

As per my pattern, I woke up early today, knowing how much I need to get done before we leave.

With a couple of exceptions, we do always get off. Poor Henry - he is ALWAYS ready to go before I get my stuff done. I'm glad he is a patient man who has learned to go with the flow.

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