Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Emotional Responses

Malibu is another area that has the feel of home for me. I was looking forward to visiting my favorite places in this area. So I was totally unprepared to get hit emotionally as we hit the PCH at Santa Monica. Debra lived out here for three years. I had so much fun as she called me to check on how soon we would arrive, as she showed me her favorite places, and as we did fun things together. While I know God's plan for her is back in Texas with Jonathan, there was a missing person out here. I found myself remembering picking her up at a bus stop just outside Pepperdine, the visits to the English tea room, the walks at Michael Landon park . . . . . good times, sad times . . . . . I was not expecting to tear up as we drove into Malibu.

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