Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life on the Road

Well, it has been a busy week. We left home a week ago. Mundane life things must go on. I balanced checkbooks and paid monthly bills while on the road. That task will need to be done again in a few days - as I was behind schedule due to the wedding and other activities.

I was pleased that I had an opportunity to stop in at the Tucson Mountain Park and continue my water fountain series there. I got a new set of species and their behavior at the water fountain. I also was able to get some shots that the editor at BIrder's World was interested in - the view of the water fountain and its surroundings. On my to do list is to send an updated submission to him. Driving into the Gilbert Ray campground had the feel of coming "home." I felt energized and alive. I have many places that feel like home to me!

In San Diego we stayed at a campground near the wedding site. It was a large campground located right on Mission Bay. We chose a simple site with just water and electricity - so we were out in the back forty so to speak. Martha and I visited the "beach" there a couple of times and enjoyed the pool and hot tub. A visit to the mall provided a dress for me to wear to the wedding.

Our nephew, Jon Melton, had a beautiful wedding. There is a conference center at the marina with many rooms and outdoor areas perfect for weddings. Later in the evening I talked with an employee there - turns out there were ten weddings that day - several going on in different areas at the same time as the one we were attending. It is fun to watch a bride and groom enjoy their wedding.

We joined Roger and Linda for services at the Seminole Church of Christ near the university. We had called our great nephew, Blake, a Marine stationed at Camp Pembleton in hopes of getting together with him. He joined us for a nice family gathering with Roger, Linda, Jaycob, Martha, Henry and I at a restaurant near the marina. It was good to see him well and safe after his two tours in Iraq.

Then it was time to pack up and head to the Los Angeles area to visit more with our nephew David.

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