Sunday, June 03, 2007

We've seen . . .

We've seen a grizzly and her cub, black bear walking the highway, we've seen lots of coyotes, we've seen buffalo, elk, deer, and moose, we've seen sandhill cranes, bald eagles, baby bald eagles, red tailed hawks, osprey, Canada geese, beaver, we've seen baby big horn sheep and baby elk. We also saw a baby kildeer today.

As we stop at the various turnouts or sit at a lunch counter we hear lots of stories. I would like to have seen the elk chasing the wolf in Lamar Valley. I would like to have seen the grizzly bear trying to dig out a coyote den and then having the coyote fight him off.

But Yellowstone is a big park. You can not possibly be everywhere at once or in the right place at the right time for everything.

Each person who comes to Yellowstone will have a unique experience based upon which animals show themselves. While almost everyone will see the elk and bison, not everyone will catch a glimpse of the wolves. We sat out at Lamar Valley this evenign for an hour or so around sunset (and till it was beginning to get dark.) We saw the elk, the buffalo, the antelope, but no coyote, wolves, or bears this evening. But another guy saw four wolves the night before in the very same spot. Yes, it is a good spot for watching, we'll be back another night to try again.

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