Thursday, August 20, 2020

Interesting Ruby -Throated Hummingbird with Orange Gorget

A few days ago I noticed this unusual hummingbird visiting my feeders.  The common hummer at my house is the black chinned hummingbird, but this is definitely NOT a black chinned.  The next most common one is ruby throated.  As I rummaged through my bird apps and web photos of ruby throated, I uploaded to iNaturalist and someone confirmed it as Ruby throated.  

But this is SUCH a different color than what I expect from a ruby throat. So I sent photos to an expert comparing several hummingbirds that have been at my feeder this summer. He asked for more photos.  

The fork tail is an indicator for ruby throated as opposed to broad-tailed which would be rare bird for my location. 

I am currently trying to use the internet to learn more about my interesting hummer.