Friday, May 15, 2009

Images of Mystery and Wonder

When I started experimenting with in camera motion blur photography, I was amazed at the things the camera sensor would reveal. A forest of redwood trees became an impressionistic work of art. Other times light flowed when I zoomed the lens during the exposure.

But sometimes, the combination of the natural landscape and the motion create "characters or creatures."

When we learned that we are heading for the Montreal's WorldCon, Anticipation, I went back to my images to find the ones that have created some fantasy creatures.

You may want to click on these images to get the larger view to get a better view of the "faces."

This one required only a little dodging and burning in three places to bring out the "face" of this critter. I think he needs a name - any suggestions?

I'm naming this one "Primal Scream."

This one required more post processing, but I was amazed at how many eyes I "found" as I worked the image. The title: "Eyes."


Solomons Toolbox said...

I was delighted to find you on Twitter. Your artwork is beautiful, and yes, isn't it amazing...just like in the Scriptures, the more you dig,the more you find. Blessings...Lori

Laryl said...

I love 'fuzzy face' first image and the second scream is dramatic.. really wonderful results!

Jain Lemos said...

Well done, Mary Ann. Primal Scream is very compelling. I look forward to seeing much more :-).

Mary Ann Melton said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you like these strange critters!