Monday, May 11, 2009

Western Kingbird

I'd been seeing a bird several places around my yard, but never close enough to get a good look see. I was suspecting a Western Kingbird, but I've learned that flycatchers are very similar - with little tiny distinguishing details that I often miss.

These are NOT great photos. This was the closest this bird has come for me to get an image at all.

You can't see the eyes here, but it is a better view of the rest of the body.

After checking my Sibleys and the online Bird resources - I'm still going to say Western Kingbird because I've seen it next to the Scissor tailed flycatchers much farther away and the body size is pretty close. In one of these photos you can see the white edge to the tail - and I've seen that in flight from a distance.

But I'm going to send a link to this blog to a couple of friends from Texbirds so that they can either confirm or tell me why it is a different bird.

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Wayne_in_Houston said...

Hi Mary,

You're right on Western Kingbird. The gray bib deep into the chest and the very minimal white edges of the wing feathers distinguishes this from the Couch's and Tropical Kingbird. Cool bird to have on your property.