Saturday, May 02, 2009

My painted bunting

I seem to have some new birds this year on my five acres. Yesterday I had a mystery bird that the best guess was a female indigo bunting - very cinnamon colored and eating the grass seeds at the ends of the stalks. Unfortunately, no photo, and it didn't show today.

But today, I had another bird that gave me pause. It didn't act like the orange crown warblers which are my usual "green" bird. While this bird was near my ground feeder - it was eating the seeds on the ends of the newly grown grass. I did have the camera out:

I saw female painted buntings last summer at Pedernales Falls State Park. But I knew there were painted buntings there. I was expecting the ID. When I looked up habitat for them, my property is really not their ideal habitat. While I do have a small amount of brushy area down by the pond, this bird was up in the grassier area closer to my house where my ground feeder is. So I confess to having my doubts as to whether I've made the correct ID. I do have a lot of birds coming into the ground feeder right now, so perhaps this painted bunting played follow the leader. Perhaps she is just passing through. But it was fun to see her and to get a photograph!

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