Monday, July 16, 2007

Visit Yellowstone via YouTube and MySpace

We did not do video while at Yellowstone. But here are some video clips I've seen that I think are worth watching. The first ones are just fun - and make you feel like you are there. The last ones are good warnings as to what these wonderful wild beasts are capable of.

You can search both of these sites using Yellowstone and/or Yellowstone and the animal of your choice. Great way to spend some spare time.

Fishing Coyote

Coyotes of Gibbon

Coyotes of Gibbon 2

Coyotes of Gibbon 3

Coyotes of Gibbon 4

Grizzly at Swan Lake Flats

Grizzly attacks car This one has profanity - but it is a good object lesson in why you need to keep your distance from bears.

Be wary of elk as well. This one also has profanity - but elk can charge people as well.

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