Saturday, July 14, 2007


With all the travel this year, we have not made it to very many movies. Top on our list showing right now was Ratatouille by Disney and Pixar. WOW! We really enjoyed this one. For one thing, it is set in Paris. We've been lucky to have visited Paris a couple of times. Henry loves movies set in Paris, because he really loves Paris. Films with Paris as the backdrop allow us to visit again in our imagination. I really like how they pictured the Eiffel Tower dominating the skyline. While it is exaggerated a little, the Eiffel Tower really does dominate the Paris landscape. I hate the copy in Las Vegas, Nevada because it appears so small next to the surrounding hotels - so unlike the real one. As we watched the film, I could picture the locations in Paris that the animators had so skillfully portrayed.

The storyline is precious. I love leaving a film that has filled my time with laughter and joy. The characters really come alive and the comedy is wonderful.

While there was an undercurrent that could be perceived as political (the relationship between most rats and most humans), the ending made me wish that human conflicts could be solved as easily.

While made for the children's audience, this film has a sophisticated enough story line and beautiful graphics that will keep the adults in the audience charmed.

Go see it!

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