Friday, July 13, 2007

Remembering Lady Bird

Back in the '70's Henry worked in the radio and television world as a radio engineer. When we first married, one of his jobs was with KTBC TV - one of the stations that the Johnson family owned. He got to meet President Johnson once. Later he worked for KTBC radio that later became KLBJ radio as chief engineer. Twice during that time, we attended parties that the Johnsons threw for their employees on one of their properties near the famous ranch.

The first was in the summer, but the property was built around a grove of trees. The house had been designed in two sections to take advantage of prevailing wind to channel a breeze. The south side overlooked the Pedernales River.

Lady BIrd was an incredible hostess. Everyone was greeted with her charming smile. Everything you needed from food, drink, seating was there. The bathrooms had beautiful flowered, folded paper hand towels.

The second party was a Christmas event, held at the same place. There was an outdoor fireplace with a roaring fire - that veranda was just as pleasant on a cold winter night as it had been on a hot summer day. We sang Christmas carols accompanied by Lucy on the piano.

Two different days, two different events, thiry years ago, indelibly marked in my memory.

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