Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Animals in the News

I found these two very different animal stories worth noting.

Oscar, the Cat

But in the news this week was this amazing cat who lives in a nursing home. He somehow senses when one of the patients is nearing death and spends time with them during their final hours. He is so accurate that the staff now notes where he is and notifies the family members that they should come.

Jake, the rescue dog
Also in the news this week was Jake, one of the dogs that worked as one of the 9/11 search and rescue dogs at the World Trade Center Site. At 12, he was an old dog who had lived a good life. But he, like many other rescue dogs, worked hard to find survivors. He deserves a "Job Well Done."

Animals can do amazing things. I know that I've read that dogs can detect certain human illnesses presumably by their sense of smell. A quick Google search found these older articles.

USA Weekend, "The Sick Sense"

Great Plains Assistance Dogs, Emergency Medical Response Dog Training

I am very grateful that God gave us animals to love. But I also have a sense of wonder as science learns more about what special talents animals have.

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