Monday, July 09, 2007


We got home yesterday evening. With all the rain, I've never seen Johnson grass as tall. We used to have a garden. I have not had one in many years, but where I enriched the soil for that garden, the Johnson grass hasn't given up. In one rectangular area the Johnson grass is solid, and it looks almost 5 feet tall.

When you've been gone several months, you come home to stacks of mail, an overgrown yard, birdseed shells all over the backporch, and empty bird feeders. When you are travelling, there are interesting things to see and do. Easy to be excited and keep going to see everything. When you get home, there can be a "let down." Your body knows it can finally rest.

I've learned to listen to my body. I kept today simple. I allowed myself to sleep late. I ate a nice lunch with my daughter. I got my "puppy fix" as her sweet dogs greeted me so excitedly. I went over to Wild Bird to get bird seed cylinders, loose seed, ad suet for the feeders.

Knowing my laptop was seriously in need of repair, Henry and I went to the Apple store to buy its replacement. We will be attempting to get a new hard drive for the old one, as I really don't want to take the new MacBook Pro to Africa. But I knew that photographically I would be stunted while we waited to ship off the old one. Plus each year brings newer and faster processors. I'll be curious over the next few days whether the new processor will speed up the time it takes to screen and process my photos.

And I allowed myself to "veg." I knew I was mentally tired today. So while Henry moved my data and programs from the old computer to the new one, I allowed myself to sit in my chair and watch some of the TV shows we missed.

Tomorrow I'll start work on things in earnest.

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