Sunday, May 11, 2008

Urban Wildlife

As we drove into the entrance this morning at the Craig Retirement Center, Henry and I saw a fox cross 9th street in Amarillo. This area is near the outskirts of town, but this is still an urban area. For me it is always a treat to see a fox.

I also think I saw a western bluebird near the golf course as we drove out of Lake Tanglewood this morning.

In Williamson county there have been reports of a mountain lion including a very poor photo of what might be the mountain lion near a neighborhood along Brushy Creek. A number of years back there was another mountain lion sighting near us which came documented with tracks somewhere in the Hutto area.

As we visited with family for Mother's Day, it turns out there is some big cat in the Lake Tanglewood area - either a bobcat or a mountain lion. I've seen a few bobcats in the wild, but never a mountain lion. In the right circumstances I would love to get to see the mountain lion, but I am quite aware that a mountain lion would view me as prey. And, naturally, I would love to get to see either one with my camera in hand with the appropriate lens.

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