Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lake Tanglewood birds

One of the things I enjoy at Lake Tanglewood are the mornings with the birds. If I were going to be up here longer I would put out bird feeders - the seed cylinders and the suet feeders. This morning I wanted to enjoy the birds at my sister-in-law's house. So I got out fairly early and went and sat on her patio.

My morning bird list:
house finches
cedar waxwings
Western kingbirds ( yes . . . I know there are several birds,(flycatchers) that are similar - but because of where I am I think these are truly the kingbirds rather than fly catchers)
Bewicks wren - I got several good looks with the binoculars - but I had to check online to be sure which wren - white eyestripe, gray breast- must be bewicks
Northern harrier - He was soaring way overhead - hard to see the white spot on rump. I also went back online to check - white breast, dark head. I'm pretty sure of this id.
Bullocks oriole - He did not give me a good look, but based on better looks last year - bright orange with black on the head -
Turkeys (on the way to Mary's house)
Curve billed thrasher
Turkey vulture

And, after birdwatching, I got to sit and have some coffee with Mary and Walter . . . a good morning.

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