Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Border Wall - Big Bend

My husband and I made our first trip to Big Bend in the 1970's. When we first went you could walk across the river to the small, rural border town there. We've been back several times. The last time it was no longer legal to visit the little town across the river.

When I think about the Border Wall, my first thoughts have been the issues in the Valley with the birding and agriculture. But building a wall through Big Bend National Park bogles my mind as well. There are three very scenic canyons there. There is white water rafting and much beauty. How do you build a wall without disrupting the beauty of the national park as well as going against all the conservation laws about protecting these unique treasures?

See yesterday's post and write a letter not only to that address, but also to your representatives in Congress. It is an election year. Let them know this is an important issue to you.

Here is a blog with more information about The Border Wall.

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