Friday, October 05, 2007


Life is a funny thing . . . I am amazed at how our bodies are programmed to live. . . to remain here on earth. Even when death is inevitable, our bodies continue to battle for life. My father-in-law died peacefully this week. He had been fading away from us over the last few years, but his strong will and desire to stay to be with Evelyn (and modern medicine) kept him going far longer that most of us expected.

He had a strong desire to die at home and I am so grateful for hospice. With round the clock nurses to care for Gene and administer the medications that kept him comfortable, the family had a familiar, comfortable environment to spend their last moments with Gene and to spend time together in fellowship, comforting and sustaining one another. So much better than a hospital waiting room.

While it is hard to lose such a loving father and husband, we know that he is with God. As Christians, we believe that some day we will join him.

Rest in peace, Gene!

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