Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting back into the swing

The last two weeks have been pretty hard. Two deaths so close together . . . Neither one was a surprise . . .

When an older person dies, one is greatful for a long life, well lived. When a younger person dies, there is the feeling of unfinished business. My father-in-law had seen all of his children married, enjoyed time with all of his grandchildren and had a bunch of great grandchildren. My friend, Debbie will miss all of that.

Both lives were beautiful Christian lives - both of them are in the beautiful mansion prepared for them.

This week I'm trying to get back into routine things. First task was to get my photos ready for submission to the Hubbard Museum of the American West for their annual Fall Exhibition. Originally I'd planned to get started on that three weeks ago when we first got back from Africa. Life got in the way. But I settled down (more or less) and I got all 12 photos printed by yesterday evening. Today I cut foam board and mats, did the center cuts and put them together. Amazingly I only messed up one mat this time, the first one. Since I only do this once a year, I usually mess up several before I get all the skill set put back together.

Here is one of the photos I've entered.

As always, my main goal is for some of the photos to make the exhibit. But last year I got spoiled, I had one win first place in its category.

Next major competition for me is the Toronto International Salon. The deadline is next month.

My goal for tomorrow is to create some order out of the chaos at my house. I also have another African blog ready - I just need to add the photos.

I have much more to say about Africa . . .

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