Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Photographic Submissions

The fun part of nature photography is getting out and taking the photographs. I also enjoy working the photos and bringing out as much beauty as I can. To me that is creative and very fulfilling. The grunt work is getting the photographs submitted. For one thing I have to figure out which photos should go where. Decisions, decisions. Each contest and magazine has different criteria - image size, post processing standards as well as what kinds of images are appropriate for their market.

I've been working on my Yellowstone images, but I have deadlines that are now looming over my head. Some of these images I took over 6 months ago, but I am just now doing the finishing work for the submission. Unfortunately I work better with the stress of an iminent deadline. I have some submissions I've been meaning to make for some time that have fallen through the cracks.

But here are the submissions I will be working on this next week or so:

National Geographic Traveller - World in Focus Contest

Nature's Best Backyards Contest

Hubbard Museum of the American West -16th Annual Fall Photo Exhibition (This one is not due until September or early October, but I would be wise if I got it ready before the Africa trip.)

Texas Highways Magazine (This one is high on my priority list because I took 2 sets of photos specifically for their wants list!)

North American Nature Photographer's Association Member's Showcase (I've submitted this one for about three years now - it is fun to get photo into this beautiful book.)

Nature Photography Magazine

So while Henry is busy at the North American Science Fiction Convention - I need to be disciplined and spend most of my time at the RV working. But I will take time and do some fun stuff at the con!

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