Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Africa Itinerary Correction

I was making a more detailed itinerary and realized I had left out a two day stay at Chobe Savannah Lodge.

When I was entering in the information before I wondered that I had only booked two nights at Chobe . . . good to know I was on the ball when I did the booking.

Even so, when I was typing in an itinerary with dates and flights and times, I still had to go back and check to make sure the dates on the final itineraries - especially the various flights were all booked correctly.

My only thing I wish had gone a little differently . . . I wish we had had more time in Cape Town. I meant to spend at least one more day there adjusting for jet lag. But, I do like that we have a couple of nights at the Chanter's Guest House perhaps so we will start our time with the Gregersens a little more rested.

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