Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Count Down to Africa

This time next week, we'll be spending our first night in Africa. There is still much to do:

Routine work like getting some photo submissions out.
Cleaning out the refrigerator - at this point very little will be worth salavaging in a month - tomorrow is trash day
Eye exam - get new glasses. My plan is to wear the old ones, but have the new ones as backup.
Hair perm - I want something that all I have to do is wash and go - No curling iron or hair dryers taking up weight.
New pair of walking shoes
Buy the extra camera gear (new camera body so I have a backup in case of failure, new 100-400 lens, new polarizing filter)
Practice packing the luggage checking for weight. I was overjoyed when I was going over things, it looks like the weight is
20 kg (44 lbs) not 12 kg (23 lbs) per person. Still not a lot, but I think I can get everything in at that weight.
I've already called some of the relatives checking in that one last time, I have a few more to call.
I've got at least one more friend I need to get together with for lunch.
Book the airport shuttle to pick us up early Monday morning.

I've already entered a more detailed itinerary in Word - complete with flight numbers, location telephone numbers, contact numbers. I would like to print out some of the web pages to mail to my mother in law so she can see a little of what we'll be doing. She has said she would like to be able to visualize where we are while we are gone.

The clock is ticking . . . the time will go fast . . . and our flight is EARLY Monday morning.

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