Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Ready for Africa - Two week countdown

We've done a lot ahead of time for this trip:

Ordered Passports in April
Started Vaccinations in April, 2nd set in July
Researched where we might want to go;
Talk with friends
Travel Agent
Made reservations
Paid for reservations
Posted on several photography websites to get an idea whether I needed to take my big lens - consensus seems to be yes
I've been gathering together paperwork that will need to go with us - central location - my kitchen table

This week -
1. Need to make final reservations for Cape Town hotel
2. Need to arrange transportation from airport to hotel - Lusaka and Livingstone
3. Check again with our driver in Cape Town
4. Make detailed itinerary to send to my Mother-in-Law so she can keep up with us (copies to other relatives as well)
5. Make copies of the paperwork with phone numbers to get to Mary and Debra
6. Practice run wth packing. I'm worrying about the weight limits on the small planes. We need to do a practice run this week. Who know maybe this will be the first trip that I actually pack ahead of time. (doubts on that one - knowing me)
7. Buy extra camera body, extra compact flash cards, maybe another lens. (ouch . . . pricewise)

I find myself a little apprehensive . . . wow, we've already spent a lot of money on this trip (most of it is paid in advance) -was I crazy to do this?????? However, when I look at the costs of some of the other tours - some only 2 weeks long, I've been economical. And they don't include the airfare to get to Africa. And I had been storing up airline miles with purchases on credit cards - so I got a big discount on the airfare. We're getting to experience several very different parts of Africa - not just one area - We're going to four different countries! We're getting to spend 4 weeks in Africa. And best of all, I'm getting to spend time visiting friends who are doing the Lord's work there. I pray we may be an encouragement to them in their work and that God will use us in the 9 days we are visiting with them.

Yes . . . I have my worries . . . but right now Henry and I are healthy enough to be able to go on a trip like this.

Two weeks from today we will be exploring Cape Town, South Africa. I need to pinch myself . . . it feels like a dream.

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