Saturday, August 18, 2007

Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe

Henry and I have always enjoyed getting off the main roads and exploring the small roads and byways. There are often small, picturesque and interesting places that are hidden treasures.

On my Fredericksburg trip yesterday, I was introduced to one of these special places, the Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe. And while we'd been on some of these roads, (and I'm sure we've been on that road) we had not stopped at this great place.

I had a wonderful hamburger served on jalopeno cheese bread. We sat inside due to the rain, but it has a lovely outdoor seating area as well as the picturesque interior.

This would be a great place to eat when you are out at the Old Tunnel Wildlife Viewing area (think bats . . . . millions of bats . . .) I think they may have live music on Saturday nights. What a treat that would be!

To find this treasure - take US 87 south out of Fredericksburg, go 8.5 miles, turn left on Grape Creek road, go about 6.1 miles, bear right onto Old Fredericksburg road, go 1.7 miles and turn left on Alamo Road go 1.1 miles.

I'm eager to take Henry and share this great place with him!

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