Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bluebird Update

Well, I have still have bluebirds. I saw them today on the fence on the opposite side of the pasture. Disturbing though was that they never came over to the birdhouse - not even when the starlings and sparrows checked out their active box. I suspect that I'm going to have to open up that nesting box to see if there are dead birds or if I can determine that sparrows have chased out the bluebirds. I suspect that is what happened last year. My best guess: The bluebirds nested early . . . the sparrows came later and successfully invaded the bluebird's nest. My other theory was that wasps came and built their nest in the box and the bluebirds abandoned the site. I'm watching closely this year to see if I can make sense of what happens.

Now the starlings are another matter entirely . . . they are one of the bird species that will lay their eggs in someone else's nest. The other bird "raises" the starling - and the other babies may not survive.

I'm daily removing the sparrow's nesting material in the 2nd nesting box. But I also fear that will cause them to move to the other box.

Sigh . . . I so want the bluebirds to be successful with their nest and stay for the summer!

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