Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bluebird babies

Well, we had bluebird babies. After opening up the nesting box to see what was going on, we found 2 dead babies and 2 small eggs. The babies were pretty young (although MUCH larger than the eggs). They were still downy and undeveloped. I did not see signs of injury, so I have to assume that the bitter unseasonable cold weather was too much for them.

I debated with myself, but decided to remove the nesting materials. The babies were beginning to smell and I thought that might make the adults reluctant to enter.

I still have mealy worms. Since the bluebirds are still hanging around, maybe they'll try again.

P.S. I've heard back from one of the people I've questioned about this situation. In case you were feeling sorry for those house sparrows . . . house sparrows have been known to kill a bluebird mother sitting on her nest. They've been known to kill the babies and build their nest on top of the dead bodies. Pretty vicious, huh?

P.P.S. I just checked one of the bluebird websites . . . sounds like removing the nest might stimulate them to rebuild. I'm glad my instinct was good. I really was hesitant as to whether to remove the old nest.

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