Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaska's Mount Redoubt Finally Erupts

My husband and I have been followin Mount Redoubt for the last several months. There was a window when I was getting updates every two hours. It released one explosive burst about a week ago, but had gotten very quiet. I had guessed that all those tremors and earthquakes and the burst had relieved the stresses. The alert code had gone back to Yellow . . .

This two month chart shows how the activity level had gotten high in February and then tapered off. Then it was very quiet the first two weeks in March, but look on the far right. WOW Such strong activity, so suddenly, and now the big eruption the volcanologists were waiting for:

This is the chart from the last seven days. Note that after the spikes on the right, there is no more data. It sure looks like that the monitoring equipment has been damaged or destroyed by the eruption.

Here is the link to: Alaska Volcano Observatory - Mount Redoubt Click here to follow their Twitter.

From Yahoo News and the Associated Press, Alaska's Mount Redoubt Erupts 5 times.

While air traffic to and from Anchorage has been halted, it looks like the ashfall is going to be worse west of Anchorage than in Anchorage proper. It will be interesting to see how long this eruptive phase lasts.

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