Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kenya - A Voice of Hope

I've backed off reading Kenya news every day, but I do go to a site that lists articles about the Kenya situation a couple of times a week. The bad news is that the violence continues. And it seems so irrational - hurting people who had no power over the politics such as the school that was destroyed recently and tearing down the infrastructure of the country - the railroad lines.

But I found one article about someone who may eventually help heal the deep wounds being created in Kenya right now - From the Christian Scientist Monitor comes a story of a man whose mission is to reconcile people. It sounds like he did a great job after 9/11 reconciling Christians and Muslims in Kenya. Let's hope and pray that he is not killed in this senseless violence sweeping Kenya.

May God touch the hearts of the people in Kenya. He alone can bring healing and forgiveness after such horrible things have happened. May God also touch the hearts of the leaders and give wisdom to the mediators working to end this crisis.

Let's hope and there are more people like Hezron Masitsa who can help bring healing when this political crisis is over.

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