Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interesting Wolf Articles - Yellowstone area

The Yellowstone Newspaper has a bunch of links to interesting newspaper articles both about the wolf issues and the bison slaughter. I won't post all the links, but the ones below gave a nice balanced view of the wolf delisting that I think worth passing on.

From the Casper Star-Tribune:

It's important that it be here

Their Greatest Highlight

We're going to start conservatively

A Real Efficient Killer

It's really been a bad deal

From New West:
Celebrate Wolf Recovery, Delisting, and Stop Slinging Arrows

I usually find that with any controversy there are some reasonable issues on both sides. I also see that it is within the nature of people to label the people on the other side of the issue as bad, unreasonable, evil, power hungry, etc. I've been trying to read the articles from the Yellowstone News daily to get a feel for what the real issues are and to try to understand what will really happen as the wolves are delisted. There are a lot of issues - real issues and, yes, some bureaucracy issues as well.

As far as the buffalo slaughter, apparently there are 4700 buffalo in Yellowstone National Park, the target number in terms of proper wildlife management may be only 3,000. But the way this is being handled right now . . . no testing for brucellosis, apparently there is an area where there won't be cows any more that some of these buffalo might could use . . . There has to be a better way than just to round them up and haul them to the slaughterhouse.

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