Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dreaming of spring

Because of lingering health issues from the infection I had last week, and because I need to have my photography portfolio ready, I've been stuck in the house the last couple of weeks. My outdoor spirit is SO ready to be out and about with my camera taking photos. But I am enjoying printing out photos that I took last year.

This set is encouraging because I don't think we'll get to do the same amount of travel this year. These photos were taken near bird feeders I had set up in Amarillo. I have bird feeders around the Hutto house as well. I just have not been healthy enough to sit outside with the camera with our temperatures that have been chilly in the mornings. (And yes, I'm also trying to be disciplined and have my portfolio ready - so that means sitting inside in front of the computer.)

So, for some of the rest of you that are cooped up inside right now for whatever reason - here are some harbingers of spring:

American Robins:

I love the expression on this mother curve bill thrasher face as she feeds her demanding youngsters:

Golden Fronted Woodpecker:

And yes, woodpeckers eat seeds as well as insects.

I'm SO ready to be out and about with my camera. Maybe I'll get a few photo opportunities on our trip to Florida next week.

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