Sunday, February 11, 2007


As we left this morning, we left behind the sound of the foghorn at the harbor and the barking sea lions. After spending two weeks in Crescent City, I was sorry to leave it behind.

But the rains had come in, and I had gotten about as many shots as I could at that location. It was time to move.

We don't usually book reservations ahead. Sometimes I check out the RV books where we are going and pick one. Sometimes, the perfect place shows up unannounced.

After traveling through several redwood areas on the "Lost Coast" and then down an extremely twisty curvy road, we again reached the Pacific. Beautiful rocky, craigy shore line. Lots of picture possibilities. We passed a couple of state beach parks, but due to heating issues in the RV, we needed to find a place with electricity.

But right around the corner, we found the perfect place for the next couple of days, an RV park right on the beach. Tonight we'll hear the breakers roar as we fall asleep.

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