Friday, February 16, 2007

San Francisco Sunset

After the gardens, we went over to the FIsherman's Wharf area for lunch.

I've learned that it is good to find your sunset spot early. I had been thinking about going across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island to check out the vantage point. We got there early enough that we could explore the roads on the small island to find the best viewpoint. ( photographer later told me about a place that I still haven't found that gives a good view of the Bay Bridge.)

I decided on the parking lot. As I waited for sunset, I enjoyed watching the water, the boat traffic, and the harbor seal that kept popping up right off the bank.

The sunset was most cooperative. My original plan was to take one shot over a period of time to merge the best sunset and the best night light together. However, the sunset was too beautiful. And there were several great angles here for photos.

It will take me awhile to process the shots that I took. But here is a sample shot - toward the end of the sunset. I've taken one of the shots that got the lighting on the water, and another shot that got the lights on the buildings and merged them. I've got better shots, but this was the easiest one to work "in a hurry."

Great ending to a nice day.

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