Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wave Dance

We got a late start Sunday - I ended up sleeping late. We headed over to Rockaway Beach to eat at one of the restaurants there. It was high tide, and the sea was churning, the waves were high and splashing over the wall. We watched groups of people standing to watch the waves jump back hoping to avoid getting wet. Several of them got soaked by "sneaker" waves - those large waves that come from nowhere and produce magnificent splashes against the wall.

After lunch we headed south along Highway 1 looking for photographic opportunities. The wind was high and the the swells were tall and the waves beautiful. We stopped at Pescadero Beach to watch the magnificent wave action against the rocks.

While waves are always beautiful, the waves today with the angry sea were incredibly beautiful. The water level was such that the waves would crest and hit the rocks and explode upwards in a powerful display. The wind would whip the spray and then the explosion of water would collapse in on itself. Each wave produced a different pattern - some low and contained, others joyously tall that would continue to build and grow before thundering down.

Even though I knew the lighting was not at the best angle, I had to try to capture the power and beauty with the camera. I also did not have my 100-400mm with me - so I knew that I could not get "close". I started at one place, but I could see there was another place to stand a little closer. After getting Henry to walk with me down a treacherous area, we saw the easy way . . . a series of real steps. The wind was stiff threatening to blow even me down and producing a layer of sea spray that created some naturally soft focus photos when it got on the camera lens.

Even after I finished my photography, we lingered mesmerized by the continually changing dance of the waves.

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