Monday, February 05, 2007

Crescent City

We've been in Crescent City now for the past twelve days. It is my third visit here and I came back because of the beautiful rocky coastline. We found a campsite that is literally right on the bay near the harbor. We go to sleep with the gentle sound of a foghorn in the distance and sometimes barking sea lions who hang out around the nearby harbor.

The view out my front window is constantly changing as the tides come and go.

At low tide, there is a huge mudflat where the seagulls and other shorebirds hang out.

There is a stream that comes in on my right and there are always birds hanging out where the water flows into the bay. Behind the stream is the Battery Point Lighthouse. At night it is illuminated brightly and shines in the night.

But once the tide starts coming in, the view changes rapidly. Where once there was mud, there are now gently rolling waves as the bay fills up.

Occasionally, I see seals surfacing.

I like to watch the boats come and go through the channel. The largest boat is a Coast Guard ship. But there are many sized fishing and pleasure boats that I can watch throughout the day.

One stormy day last week, we saw waves break over the breakwaters.

We've decided to make this our base because there is much to see around here -

not only is there a beautiful coastline,

but we are only 10 minutes away from the beautiful redwoods.

P.S. It is also very useful that there is a reliable mechanic within walking distance . . . jeep has made two visits there so far.

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