Friday, December 29, 2006

Medical Wimp

Yesterday and today were not fully productive days, because it was time for me to get a routine medical test run. The first part involved clear liquids and very foul tasting medicine designed to empty out your digestive tract. I tried, I really tried to drink all 64 oz. But after getting nauseous almost to the point of throwing up combined with chills, I was getting the desired results.

I could not help but think about my friend, Debbie, who is on her third round of chemo. Taking in medicines every three to four weeks that produce the feeling of being "sick," but hold the promise of healing. When I finally decided not to finish the 64 ounces, I knew I was being a wimp. While I had logical reasons, yes, it WAS working, I looked at my behavior and wondered if I would have what it takes to go through chemo. It gave me a whole new perspective on what my friend faces on a regular basis.

Even without my drinking all 64 ounces, they were able to run the abominable test. After putting me to "sleep" this morning, I was declared healthy. And (joy, oh joy) I don't have to do this test for 10 years!!!!!!

Yes, a colonoscopy is not a fun test. The preparation for it is far worse than the test itself. But for people over 50, it is one of the first line tests to prevent one of the few preventable cancers.

So for my readers out there over the age of 50 . . . . go get that annual physical, take care of the body God gave you, go exercise, watch your diet. Life is precious.

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