Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I have been blessed in life with many friends. I've kept up with several friends from my school days.

In my early years as a Brownie Girl Scout, we sang the song:

"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

Being an only child, I have no brothers or sisters, but God has given me friends that are as close as sisters could be. I have two special friends that also have no sisters. We have become family to each other and we celebrate Christmas and birthdays very similar to the way my husband's family does up in Amarillo.

I met my San Antonio friend, Jane, back in junior high. We've celebrated the joy of weddings, births, graduations, and even house remodeling. We've grieved together over the deaths of friends and family.

Pat entered the friendship circle when Jane and I went to the University of Texas. God has kept this friendship circle going through good times and bad. Over thirty years much happens in one's life. As women, we need friends we can call when life deals us harsh blows. Pat and Jane have seen me through many a difficult time. And, I hope, that I have been as supporting to them as they have been to me over the years.

Each year we get together during the Christmas season. While our children were at home, we would meet either in San Antonio or Austin, or somewhere in between for a day outing. Over the years, it has grown to be a multi day event. We've gone to Galveston, Canyon of the Eagles and Wimberly. This week we celebrated Christmas in San Antonio - first at Jane's house and then at the Riverwalk. A continuing tradition that is an important part of my Christmas season.

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