Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Keeping in touch - the importance of words . . .

I've been tired today, staying up late trying to finish up the odds and ends related to the holiday. Trying to get ready to leave again. Much to do and not enough time.

But I got a sweet email today. A lady I worked with in Girl Scouts regularly sends me e-cards, especially at Christmas. This year it was an especially beautiful e-card. It has been several years since we worked together. So it is very special to me that she still remembers me. I sent a thank you email. Her reply:

"You are most welcome. You will never be forgotten. You are a wonderfully, inspirational lady with an amazing heart."

So often we go through life, hoping that we are doing the little things that will help the people around us. Hoping that we will be a beacon of light.

I have another lady from my childhood that I still send Christmas cards to. Usually I don't hear back, but this year she sent me a card thanking me for continuing to remember her after all these years. But she was an important person in my growing up years. Her daughter was my age and our friendship began in 2nd grade. I spent many a night in that upstairs bedroom. I remember a big stuffed dog that lived there. I would carry it around . . . and somehow it always ended up back upstairs. With five kids, she was one busy mom. Later she became my violin teacher, another important relationship as music has always been an important part of my life. I need to send her a more personal letter telling her that I consider her an important person during my formative years.

I know we don't have time to thank or express our appreciation to all the people who have been special blessings to us. But that special email I received brightened my evening tonight.

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