Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas in San Antonio

San Antonio's Riverwalk is a magical place to be at Christmas.

At the Riverwalk Mall the sights and sounds of Christmas fill the senses. From the beautiful tree surrounded by poinsettas to the Wayanay Inka Christmas Music , a visit to the Riverwalk Mall gets one ready for Christmas. You can hear their music by clicking on the songs in the link.

Strolling down the Riverwalk, many of San Antonio's landmarks wear Christmas colors.

While the San Antonio Riverwalk always has a festive feel, the wonderland of lights create an almost magical atmosphere.

While the history of the Alamo is a sobering thought of the horrors of war and a story of remarkable heroes, it is also one of Texas' most beloved landmarks. Trying to photograph it presents difficulties, as you wait for the moment or two when there are no people on the plaza. I've found that waiting until late at night presents the best opportunities. But even so, it is a lesson in patience as you wait for the moment when all the people and cars are out of your frame.

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