Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Yellowstone Earthquake URL's

Podcast with Dr. Jake Lowenstern, the USGS scientist-in-charge at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory.

National Parks Traveler interview with Hank Heasler, the staff geologist at Yellowstone National Park

It is interesting that Ranger Heasler mentions the 900 quakes from both swarms of earthquake activity and Dr. Lowenstern only mentions the 500 associated with the first swarm. I was following the earthquake maps from the University of Utah. One set of quakes was near Yellowstone Lake, the other closer to Cooke City. There was one more much smaller set near West Yellowstone. A week or so later was a larger quake south of the Tetons. Interestingly enough there has been an earthquake in Alaska this week.

Plate tectonics is interesting as these continental plates move against each other. I don't know enough to even make guesses as to whether the earthquakes in Wyoming are related somehow to the Alaskan earthquakes. However when I found another interesting earthquake map: the United States Geological Services, Latest Earthquakes in the world, the last 7 days, it was very interesting that there was a line of quakes along the western Pacific from east of Australia all the way to Japan crossing over to Alaska and going down as far as San Francisco. This page also has links to geographic areas of the globe where you can get more information about each quake.

These quakes remind us that we live in an dynamic, ever changing world. I find I am still interested in watching this quake activity even if I am not a geology expert.

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