Monday, January 26, 2009

Central Texas "Winter" Weather

Today was a pleasant change from the weather pattern. January has been unusually sunny and dry this year. On one level, sun is good because it keeps my moods brighter and I feel like I'm more productive. On another level, we are in the middle of a prolonged drought. With a sunny dry January, we aren't getting the moisture that the grasses need or for the spring flowers.

Even though I had to get out early for jury duty and drive in the fog, I was glad to see the fog. We've had very little fog this year. It was SO nice to feel the moist cool air against my cheeks. We have not had moist air for what seems like quite a while. While we did not get a lot of moisture out of the sky today, we got a little.

I hear that colder weather is coming in. We have alternated between days in the 70's and 80's and then days in the 30's. Today got up in the 70's but tomorrow will be colder. I have to say I like cold winter weather. So I brought firewood up under the porch tonight, hoping it will be cold enough for a fire in the fireplace tomorrow.

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