Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jerry's Artarama

I've been framing my own work for several years now. I don't do a lot of framing each year, but I figured out very quickly that if you're going to be an artist or photographer, you've got to frame your own work - otherwise framing costs will eat up any profit you might make. Add to that one bad experience getting some work dry mounted that had to be redone at the last minute - think stress attack because I was working on a deadline.

I still fight procrastination, I still work better and faster when that deadline is approaching, so I like to find places to buy what I'm going to need locally. I've got two projects that need to go out next week - one will only be mounted and matted, the other will need to be framed. Both will need to be conservation processed - acid free everything.

Simple black frames seem to be preferred for some gallery shows, so I wanted to see what I could find locally. I had driven by Jerry's Artarama many times, wondering what all they carried. So, I had some time yesterday and I went over. I suspect it is a sign when all the parking spaces except for the handicapped space were full and I had to wait for a parking place. It's a pretty big store with JUST art supplies. Acid free and conservation mats and mounting boards, a different selections of frames than Hobby Lobby and Aaron Brothers, portfolio supplies, drawing, painting, canvases, easels, etc. You could spend a lot of time there exploring.

I found the simple metal frame that I was looking for. I won't know until I've opened the package and actually tried to use it, but I think it is going to make my work look elegant without me having to spend a fortune.

Yes, eventually I need to try out the online places where I can order frames. But, for now, I'm glad I've found one more local place to buy supplies.

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