Friday, June 20, 2008


Over the last few years, I have a morning routine of things to read on the internet. My Yahoo provides my news. Sometimes I'll head over to one of the larger newspapers or a local newspaper to check on news. This morning I checked out the to read about the storms that went through last night. My mother-in-law is in a nursing home and they had to take cover in a hallway last night.

I use RSS feed that shows me on my bookmark bar when there is a new entry. That eliminates the need to open each of the blogs separately each day. I have some blogs I read that are primarily news about friends and family. I have some blogs that I read almost every day and others that I read occasionally. Here are some links (in a random order - not based upon which are my favorites) that I think would appeal to some of my readers:

Henry's Idle Thoughts, is my husband's take on what is going on around us. Partly a travel journal, partly his reflections on life, and a look at the publishing world, I read his posts not only because he is my husband but because I find it interesting to see his view of what we've been doing.

Secrets of a Lazy Trainer is written by my friend, Bettye Baldwin. She has been working with horses most of her life and is an expert animal trainer. Her blog contains amusing stories as well as practical advice about training animals which can cross over into how the same application works well with humans as well. She is also a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. She writes books about horses and articles at

I met Julie Zickefoose at the Festival of the Cranes. I enjoy her National Public Radio broadcasts about raising hummingbirds. Her blog varies between stories about her dog, Chet Baker, her children, her birding trips, and life in Appalachian Ohio. Her book, Letters from Eden is a delight from her beautiful artwork to the stories of life in the natural world.

I just added Mike Murphy to my RSS feed. He has retired as photo editor for Texas Highways magazine and has set up his Texas ranch for nature photographers. Currently he is in Alaska on a photo expedition. Having been to Alaska, I'm enjoying hearing about what he is seeing and doing.

David and Linda Gregersen moved from the Austin area to Zambia three years ago. I am enjoying reading about their adventures in the mission field, Africa. I especially love the application stories from their chicken coop!

Bill Crider is a mystery writer that Henry and I have known for a long time. When you set his blog up in RSS feed, expect to find lots of short posts throughout the day. He is interested in many things from mystery books, science fiction, alligators and crocodiles, movie stars. When he finds something interesting on the web, he posts the link so we can enjoy it as well.

Carolyn E. Wright is an attorney whose speciality is photographic law. Her blog is worth browsing through the entire history as there is much to learn about the legal issues related to photography.

Bill Thompson, III is editor of Bird Watcher's Digest. He is married to Julie Zickefoose. They are invited to many birdwatching events and not just in the United States. Anyone interested in birding will enjoy his blog.

Chris Nystrom is the son-in-law of one of my closest friends. His blog is ecclectic ranging from stories about his family, to the techworld, to interesting movies, and his viewpoint on current news.

Susi Lawson does not post often to her blog, but her photographic art is so beautiful that I am always interested in what she posts.

Travis Novitsky is a photographer in beautiful Minnesota. I especially love his winter scenes, but I am always inspired as I watch what he finds to photograph.

Sheila Finch is a science fiction writer we see regularly at the conventions we attend. Her books about The Guild of Xenolinguists are both fun and thought provoking.


Bill Crider said...

Thanks for the plug, Mary Ann. Obviously your blog's on my feed, too.

Chris said...

That is very kind of you to mention my little blog. I always enjoy reading your blog, too, and I imagine everyone loves all of your beautiful photos.