Friday, August 14, 2009

Whale Watching on the St. Lawrence

A humpback whale diving!

Henry and I have been having adventures on our road trip through Canada. I am WAY far behind in blogging and posting photos. Today was whale watching out of Baie St. Catherine on the St. Laurence River. We saw four species - Beluga, minke, humpback, and harbour porpoises. There was an occasional seal sighting, but I don't think I saw the seals.

The highlight of the days were two minke whales that decided to breach repeatedly. Note how close this one breached to the Zodiak tour boat! In retrospect, I'm glad we took the bigger boat where not only we stayed dry but also my camera equipment as well!

While the breaching whales were not as close to our boat, it is not common to get to see them breach! And, you have to be quick to even capture the breaching whale from a distance. Not great photos, but priceless memories!

I've a few more whale photos, but I'll catch up with blogs and photos when I get a chance (could be after we get home!)

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