Friday, August 14, 2009

God's Providence

We continued out the St. Lawrence Seaway to Baie Comeau where we turned northward toward Labrador. We've been trying to figure out how to make the Labrador Newfundland part of the trip work. To take one of the ferries from Happy Valley/Goose Bay was going to be a 4 day adventure - while it sounded fun, it was fairly expensive and four days was long.

We have stopped at Manic 5 - site of one of the world's largest dams. Our hotel is a combination gas station, restaurant and hotel. The rooms are actually modular/mobile homes that have been trucked in. This is the only stop between Baie Comeau and Labrador City. And, they even had internet!!!!!

We've actually met our two neighbors - one a couple from western Quebec near Ottawa, the other a couple from Wisconsin. Henry brought them in to use our computer to make reservations for the ferry. I started speaking my poor French - and they said, "English - we speak English!" I had to laugh!

They were plotting their route over territory we had been trying to puzzle out with poor tools. They had done the research and knew what they needed to do. It dovetailed perfectly with what we needed to do. While they started apologizing for taking up our time, I was grateful because they had provided the solution to our puzzle.

So . . . we are off to Labrador in the morning.


shelley said...

I hope y'all are planning on stopping by Prince Edward Island. My 2nd favorite family vacation as a kid was spending 5 days camping on the island. Absolutely beautiful! Course it doesn't hurt if you are an Anne Of Green Gables fan either. :-)

Mary Ann Melton said...

We came close to Prince Edward Island in 2993 but did not cross over the bridge. I think we may visit it this time to complete all the provinces except Ninuvut. I think we were in Northwest Territory on our Alaska trip long ago.

Thanks for your comment-always appreciated!